Dudley Lodge

Growth Learning and Development

Case Study

Client: Dudley Lodge

Issue: To develop strategy and engage with teams at multiple locations to increase the impact for beneficiaries of the charity

Our input: Working with executive team, developing leadership skills and building upon the capability and talents of the Dudley Lodge team to bring about change

Dudley Lodge is a UK registered charity and one of the leading Family Assessment Centres in England and Wales. Operating from sites in Coventry and Birmingham their services centre on safeguarding children and strengthening families. As part of a wider strategic plan, the executive team agreed upon their strategic priorities of:

  • People – employing over 100 people, to recognise the human resource at their disposal and maximise their talent potential for the benefit of the organisation and parents/children alike
  • Efficiency – to increase the impact of their operations, by revisiting and refining existing systems and processes (simplifying the complex)
  • Case/risk management – to achieve the best possible outcome by focusing on the highest standards of delivery and care

How we delivered:

  • Growth Academy – members of the executive team joined the Dafferns Growth Academy. This includes quarterly half day workshops with other business leaders, providing a face-to-face opportunity to learn new skills, refine strategic plans and share best practice
  • Access to the Mindshop Online growth, learning and development platform, in order to capture and track strategies and actions, access just-in-time customised training and collaborate rapidly to solve issues and discuss common implementation issues
  • One-to-one coaching for five members of the management team with a Dafferns Mindshop accredited facilitator
  • Help in formulating strategy by agreeing OKRs (objectives and key results) to filter down into the whole organisation. Agreed NOW, WHERE and HOW as a framework for driving implementation
  • Bi-monthly strategic progress meetings to ensure a clear focus, discuss progress and identify actions to sustain change

What the client says:

“As a team and individually we have all found our experience with the Growth Academy and Richard Miller invaluable. We finally feel we have clear direction and effective mechanisms in place to communicate better as a team and work towards shared goals. Richard has a wealth of knowledge, able to quickly direct us to an appropriate method or process to support our work whenever we need support. He communicates clearly and quickly, responding to our problems promptly and helping to create positivity in any given dilemma. We look forward to continuing on our Growth Academy journey.”

“My warmest thanks to Richard for all your expertise, coaching, advice and support to the Dudley Lodge senior staff. The outcomes and conclusions are very positive and in my opinion they’re performing to a very high standard, it’s obvious how much they have valued and benefitted from your input.” Paul Tudor, Chair of Trustees at Dudley Lodge.