CC3 The essential Trustee: What you need to know. What you need to do.

Trustees of a charity have independent control over the charity and they are legally responsible for a charity’s management and administration. Before becoming a trustee of a charity the individual must fully understand the responsibilities of a trustee.

  • They must ensure that they meet the requirements to be a trustee, for example
    • They must be at least 16 years old for a charity that is a company or a CIO, or at least 18 to be a trustee of any other charity
    • Must not be disqualified and
    • Appointed following the guidance within the charity’s governing document
  • They must ensure that the charity is carrying out its purpose for the public benefit
    • They must do this by ensuring that the charity is being run for the public benefit it was set up for
  • Comply with the charity’s governing document
    • The governing document contains details of who, when and how new trustees are appointed, who can be a trustee, how long a trustee can be appointed for and if a trustee can be re-appointed. It also states how trustees can resign or be removed
  • The trustees must act in the best interest of the charity
    • They must plan what the charity will do and what they want to achieve
  • Manage the charity’s resources responsibly
    • The trustees must ensure that the charity’s assets are only being used to support the charitable purpose
  • Each Trustee must act with reasonable care and skills
    • Each potential new trustee must ensure the are able to give up enough of their time and energy to ensure that they attend meetings and enable the charity to meet its objectives
  • Each Trustee should ensure that the charity is accountable, and that the charity is complying with the law and is run effectively

It is very important for the charity to select the correct trustees and ensure that the trustees selected meet the requirements.

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