Band Hatton Button

Profit Improvement Workshop – Growth, Learning and Development

Client: Band Hatton Button

Issue: To drive efficiency and reduce waste in their organisation

Our input: Facilitated in-house profit improvement workshop for 10 department heads

Mindful of the impact of a changing market place, Band Hatton Button wanted to ensure that the service delivered to their clients was as efficient and effective as possible. A bespoke workshop was hosted for the management team, with agreed objectives of

  • Sharing ideas on profit improvement between various departments (what was working, what was not working, what needed to change?)
  • To promote and reinforce continuous learning to ensure that their capability was relevant to clients’ needs
  • Reducing waste in systems and processes to improve value to the client and reduce cost
  • Harnessing technology to automate repetitive processes, and transform the client experience
  • Putting in place an implementation plan to “make it happen”

How we delivered: A half day workshop focusing on

  • 7 wastes and carrying out a waste audit on current operations, identifying areas of high impact
  • Assessment of current and future technology needs – agreed priorities, effective use of data, and skills gaps amongst lawyers and clients alike
  • Problem solving tools to identify actions required
  • One page plan with agreed key strategies and actions to drive implementation (how, by whom, by when)

This is just the start of the process, but by using a common methodology, tools and techniques the probability of change success has been increased.

What the client says:

It was a superb session, timing wise spot on as the Heads are keen to work together to achieve change. You will have seen yourself how committed they all are!

The workshops are fantastic, well thought out and relevant.

Being part of the process has enabled us to focus on what we want to achieve and develop our skills to get there.