Building a high performing business by bridging the gap between capability and success

If your education is finished, you are finished. – Dr Chris Mason, Founder, Mindshop

Continuous improvement is critical when it comes to building business capabilities. While the capabilities a leader needs to learn or refine may be similar each year, leaders need to commit to lifelong learning to master their skills in order to keep up with ever evolving customer needs and market changes.

However, a recent report concludes that investing time building capabilities alone is not enough to guarantee success.

What are the “habits” that successful leaders display over and above just “capability” to translate them into success? How do they plug the performance gap?

The global business growth experts, Mindshop, surveyed over 160 business leaders and their advisers in 9 countries providing valuable data and insights to highlight 10 capabilities and 10 high performance habits needed for success in 2018. We are making a copy of this report available to our clients to help them guide the strategies they should implement in 2018 to improve their probability of success. You can download a copy here.

At Dafferns our enduring purpose is to help ambitious businesses achieve profitable growth and success. Our Growth, Learning and Development services are designed to help you hone your skills, and ensure you can guide your business and team members to improve over the year ahead. These range from facilitating strategy, to tailored workshops and online training, including the regular Growth Academy programme.

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