5 Reasons why Dafferns should file your tax return

Asking Dafferns to complete your tax return will be money well spent…and the savings made often far outweigh the modest cost of having the return completed professionally.

The UK tax system is hugely complicated and convoluted. If you are a higher rate tax payer and you fill in your own tax return, the chances are you are paying too much tax

  1. Save yourself the hassle

No matter how straightforward you think your finances are, filling in your own tax return never feels like quality time. How long did you spend on it last year? Did it stress you out for a whole weekend? Or did it drag on for several weeks as you gathered together all the relevant information and totted it all up? This year, relax and let us take the pain!

  1. You don’t need to worry about getting things wrong

Sometimes when you fill in a tax return yourself, there are a few grey areas. You need to ask yourself whether all your return entries would stand up to a tax investigation, should you be unlucky enough to be selected randomly by the Inland Revenue. Are you confident that all your entries are correct? Would you remember how you had arrived at all of the figures? If the answer is “no”, call us!

  1. Dafferns will advise you of tax savings opportunities

One of our key aims at Dafferns is to save you tax. Our tax team work hard to find areas where each client can save money on their tax bill. Dafferns’ tax savings ideas are always legal, ethical and non-provocative. So we promise you can save tax and still sleep at night.

  1. Take advantage of integrated tax planning and investment

Where you are not taking full advantage of tax savings investment opportunities, we can highlight opportunities for fully integrated tax and investment planning. Dafferns’ tax experts work hand-in-hand with Dafferns’ IFAs to provide optimal, tailored solutions for clients.

  1. We think outside the box for you

Filling in a tax return can seem like an endless list of boxes to be filled in and ticked. When doing your return, we’ll take a step back and see if there’s anything you could be doing differently. Would your sole trader business be better off as a Limited Company? Can your payments on account be reduced to give you cash flow benefits? Are you paying yourself in the most tax efficient way? We will discuss these questions with you.

Your personal private client tax manager, 360 degree planning, a fast efficient turnaround, eApproval via our OpenSpace client portal, eFiling with HMRC, no more deadlines, no more penalties, no more faff or hassle

For a quote to do your 2021 tax return, please contact: Karen Keeling