The EU – Time to Get Off the Fence!

Where do you start with such an emotive issue?  Perhaps an apology to anyone this article might upset because that really isn’t my objective.  The EU question is a highly complex mix of many variables and I am acutely aware that people, some of whom will be friends and family, will be making their decisions based on their own nuanced perspectives.  I can see many sides of this argument, so I understand and respect the reasons for choosing to stay or go (some of them at least).  However, this is such an important decision, having a profound effect not only on the short term future, but on many years to come, that I feel compelled to put forward my opinion.

What are the arguments for leaving or remaining?  This is the million dollar question that I feel politicians and public figures have performed abysmally in trying to address.  Never have I known such a campaign fuelled by disinformation, untruths and bickering.  Against this backdrop, how are we supposed to make an informed decision?  The answer to that is to make sure you become as informed as possible – look beyond the politicians and business leaders with much invested in the decision and listen to the neutrals.

I am a business professional so I encounter many different people from many walks of life, admittedly often quite wealthy, but certainly not exclusively.  I also have international dealings and sometimes attend conferences in Europe and further afield.  In the past 2 months I have raised the question of the EU Referendum with many of my contacts and I have been very interested to learn their perspectives.

It would be wrong for me to say that I experienced universal support for remaining within the EU, but the overwhelming majority held that view.  So how have we come to the point where the polls appear to be so evenly balanced?  Well I have a theory on that, which is exactly why I am writing this piece.  This is a sweeping statement, but it seems to me that those within the leave camp are those with the loudest voices and those in the remain camp are the quieter, more considered types.  If you are undecided then you are bound to be more likely to sway towards the leave group because that is the message you are hearing more clearly and more often.  Hence, I am writing this article to shout the message for remaining.

The issues and why I believe in Remain:

To sum up with a rallying cry plagiarised from the FT, this is no time to revert to Little England. We are Great Britain.  We have a contribution to make to a more prosperous, safer world.  The vote must be “Remain”.

Oh, and one last thing – Donald Trump supports Brexit.  Need I say more!