BREXIT referendum – Dafferns’ Reaction

This morning we all awoke to momentous and historically significant news that will have huge implications across our country. The UK is to leave the EU, the Prime Minister has resigned, the stock market is on the slide and Sterling has dropped dramatically.

Where this leaves the country remains to be seen, but one thing that is for sure is that if we are to avoid another recession we will need to pull together and find our inner resolve to drive the country forward.

The EU will also be stepping into the unknown and this will present both challenges and opportunities for the UK.  One area of particular interest to both Dafferns and our clients will be VAT (yes, really!).  Trading with EU countries will be unaffected until the divorce is completed, but the VAT position will inevitably change thereafter.  We will obviously be keeping a close eye on this to provide guidance along the way.

Many of our clients will be impacted by our leaving the EU.  Dafferns will be keeping abreast of the changing landscape in the weeks and months ahead and will be here to provide help and support to our clients as the ramifications unfold.

The message that we really want to get across is that this is a time to stay calm and stand firm.  Strong leadership will be required to push us collectively into a world of new opportunities.