Business planning 24/7 - Mindshop mobile from Dafferns

Business strategy and Dafferns coaching support at your fingertips 24/7
Mindshop Online from Dafferns

Mindshop mobile from Dafferns – Business planning 24/7

Business strategy and coaching support from Dafferns at your fingertips 24/7

In this fast-paced mobile world, working smarter is imperative. Business leaders need access to advice, tools and courses at their fingertips to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

That’s why at Dafferns we are offering our clients the power of Mindshop Online to the palm of their hand with our new mobile site – Mindshop Mobile.


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Designed to be easy to use day-to-day by business leaders and owners.Key features of the full Mindshop Online platform are now accessible via a mobile device, giving you the agility and responsiveness to drive success.Importantly, leaders can now maximise the efficiency of their day, saving time by completing actions and accessing hundreds of Mindshop tools while on the go.


Click here to learn how Mindshop Mobile can drive strategic change in your business
Here’s just four ways Mindshop Mobile powers the day of successful business leaders…

  1. Strategies and actions in their pocketWhen out of the office, leaders need instant access to all their own confidential strategies and actions from the palm of their hand. Plus they can immediately interact with their adviser, review the solutions suggested and post new responses quickly.
  1. Access to 120+ business toolsKnowing the topic for their next internal meeting includes reviewing how to improve efficiency in a particular area of their business, leaders are able to quickly prepare by searching the toolbox, finding a tool such as the Toyota Seven Wastes Process, watching the demonstration video and reading the step-by-step guide. Great preparation means they have the confidence to tackle any challenge or opportunity.
  1. Tap into the power of the global communityThe advice of hundreds of experienced business leaders from around the world is now a tap away on a mobile device via the Mindshop discussion forum. Business leaders can quickly ask a question, seek guidance and collaborate, all from the palm of their hand.
  1. Work smarter Smart business leaders embed Mindshop into their everyday work practices, they can capture photos of whiteboard brainstorming session or post a tool directly into their strategy and action area to get comments and insights from an adviser quickly. Setting actions with due dates means staying accountable and capturing all work immediately, eliminating the need for follow up emails and time consuming writing up of notes, a huge time saver.


Click here to learn how Mindshop Mobile can drive strategic change in your business