Insurance and Risk Management

Every business today is exposed to greater risks than ever before so ensuring you have the right insurance and risk protection is vital. Dafferns Professional, powered by Hutt Professional Insurance & Risk Management, has access to over 50 years experience and knowledge of the Insurance & Risk Management market.

Professional Indemnity

A compulsory Insurance cover for many professions such as Solicitors, Surveyors and Accountants, PI should be considered by all businesses with a consultancy or advisory responsibility.

Commercial Combined

This comprehensive business cover in a single policy, combines a range of the most commonly required business insurances: eg. Material Damage, Business Interruption, Public/Product Liability & Employer’s Liability etc.

Public Liability

Protection in the course of your professional duty, whether it be a manual or clerical role, there is almost always a possibility of causing injury or damage a 3rd party or their property.

Employers Liability

Each business has a duty of care to its employees. Employer’s Liability (a legal requirement for all employers) protects the business from claims arising from staff illness or injury as a result of working for the business.

Directors and Officers

Providing protection for individuals holding a position of responsibility within a company, charity or non-profit committee in today’s litigious and media driven world.

Travel Accident and Health

Whether it is for business, personal or family travel, insurance against a number of risks is crucial to minimise disruption and potential cost of something going wrong during your trip.

Cyber Liability Policies

These might typically include Cyber Business Interruption and Public Relations cover to mitigate losses from a specific cyber attack as well as manage reputational recovery on behalf of your firm.

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