Wills and Trusts

Important tools in IHT planning are tax efficient Wills and opportunities offered by Trusts

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Do you have a will?

• Do you have a will?
• Where is it?
• When was it last reviewed?

The importance of your Will

It is important to have a Will as this means that assets pass to your family and friends as intended. Having Dafferns help you to prepare or review your Will ensures that it is written in a tax efficient way with the aim to minimise the tax burden for the next generation.

Using Trusts for IHT planning

Trusts are an important tool in IHT planning. Unlike outright gifts which pass unconditionally to the recipient, gifts into Trust allow you to remain in control of the asset. With a Discretionary Trust you can decide who benefits from the income and capital, whilst reducing the value of your estate and mitigating your potential IHT liability.

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