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Success in business is a combination of strategy, capability and hard work!

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We can help you with all aspects of your business

– Helping you formulate a strategy

– Building the capability of you and your organisation

– Implementation support and holding you to account

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Use our free diagnostics to start your strategic thinking:

  • Growth & Profit solutions diagnostic – identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit 
  • Change Success diagnostic – discover your potential for change success in under 5 minutes. Beat the odds! Research tells us if you adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change there is only 30% chance of success
  • 30 minute Killer Coffee – kickstart meeting with a Dafferns partner to identify the top 3 challenges for you and your business

Facilitated Strategy Workshops – use one of our accredited Mindshop facilitators to host a workshop for the decision-makers in your business. Formulate a new strategic plan or revisit and refine an existing model


In order to help you with your learning and development we have different options:

Where are your capability gaps? – relevant, just-in-time learning using our online training courses including: Sales Performance, Profit Improvement, Leadership Development, Growth Strategy, Coaching and Developing People, Problem Solving Skills and Strategic Planning

Workshops – part of a recurring events programme we run at Dafferns or designed in house for a tailored and bespoke programme to meet the particular needs of your business and your team

Dafferns Growth Academy – a structured growth, learning and development programme designed to help ambitious businesses achieve profitable growth with the advantage of learning and sharing with other business leaders

Hard Work

Implementation support and holding you to account:

Implementation support our objective is to Challenge, Enable and Embed; acting as an external mentor to challenge ideas and business models, transferring skills to client companies using Mindshop tools and techniques, and using project teams at clients to fix short term issues and achieve long term goals

Coaching – using Mindshop online to drive accountability on agreed strategic priorities, regular coaching calls via Skype and agreed actions with due dates and responsibilities

“Ideas are precious, but relatively easy. It’s execution that is everything” – John Doerr

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