Leveraging Chaos – Business Leader Group workshop

Tuesday 22nd November, 2022
09:30 - 12:00

How to turn emerging 2023 business trends and leadership challenges into opportunities


  • Coffee/Networking with peers
  • Welcome/Updates/Networking with fellow leaders
  • Capacity: Challenging your 2023 team attraction and retention strategies
  • Productivity: How to get 2 hours back into your daily schedule and get rid of to do lists
  • Performance: Avoiding self-sabotaging behaviours as a leader. Where are your opportunities?
  • Coffee/Networking with peers
  • Vision: 2023 leadership vision. How to set your vision for the year ahead as a leader?
  • Trends: Emerging trends roundtable. Discuss and debate key emerging trends impacting your industry, leaders, and business
  • Key actions from the day and summary

Contact Richard Miller for more information.