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General Data Protection Regulation – Charities’ responsibilities and protection

‘Data is the new oil’ is a phrase that has been heard many times in recent years but for some, charities and small businesses in particular, data may feel like more of a burden. In this article we will explore the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on day to day administration of… Read More

The new charities annual returns

Many charities are due to file their annual return and for many charities this will be their first experience of the new and improved return. Charities that have an annual income of over £10,000 or is a charitable incorporated organisation, are required to file an annual return with the Charity Commission, no later than 10 months… Read More

Charity Fundraising (CC20)

Charities rely on donations from the public. However, relying on money from the public comes with its issues. The public trust that the charity will ensure the money is collected in the correct way and also used for the correct purpose in which it was offered. Trustees have the overall responsibility and are accountable to… Read More

Court of Appeal rules National Minimum Wage is not required for ‘Sleep-In Shifts’

The Court of Appeal recently ruled against national minimum wage (NMW) pay for carers undertaking ‘sleep-in’ shifts. In October 2016, the government (BEIS) issued guidance that carers should be paid NMW for sleep-in shifts, which included time spent asleep. In addition to this, carers were to be compensated with six years’ back pay. This was… Read More

Charity Commission – Volunteers

A volunteer is a person who offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking, willingly without pay. Many charities could not continue without the support of volunteers; payroll costs are usually a charities largest expense however these are usually the costs that cannot be cut when looking into a charity’s finance as certain roles require… Read More

Trustee Safeguarding Responsibilities – Breaking the Myths

Safeguarding has been very topical this year, and has been raised at many client meetings; the interesting thing about this is the number of misconceptions Trustees and Clerks have had about their responsibilities. All Trustees of all charities are accountable and responsible for ensuring that their charity has robust safeguarding practices. Responsibilities are not limited… Read More

CC3 The essential Trustee: What you need to know. What you need to do.

Trustees of a charity have independent control over the charity and they are legally responsible for a charity’s management and administration. Before becoming a trustee of a charity the individual must fully understand the responsibilities of a trustee. They must ensure that they meet the requirements to be a trustee, for example They must be at… Read More

Trustee Reports

The last 12 months have been rather interesting in respect of assisting our clients in preparing their statutory accounts. In particular Trustee Reports have become a topic of conversation at the audit planning stage, if not throughout, our involvement. If you look at charity accounts on the Charity Commission website you will see that for most charities they… Read More

Charity Commission Auto-Disqualification Rules – Are you ready?

Effective date: 1 August 2018 Impact: Affects Trustees and Senior Management (previously Trustees only) and extends the reasons a post holder can be disqualified from holding that post. Full Guidance: Click here The key changes to the auto-disqualification rules are: To extend the categories of persons affected to now include both Trustees and Senior Managers… Read More

Skills Audit for your Volunteer Board

Has your Board of Governors or Trustees had a skills audit recently? Are your Board fit for purpose? Are they providing the oversight necessary for effective governance? Unlike a commercial business recruitment to membership of Boards of Governors or Trustees is often rather haphazard. Volunteer Boards are made up, unsurprisingly, of volunteers – their role… Read More