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BREXIT Everything Changes

Friday 24 May and nearly three years after taking office, Teresa May’s time as Prime Minister drew to a close today, as she announced her resignation as Conservative Party Leader early in June. She will however remain as PM until a new Party Leader is selected, possibly sometime in July. I can’t help thinking this… Read More

BREXIT No man’s land

Saturday 18 May. Do you remember just a few weeks ago, when BREXIT was the only thing in the news for months on end. Now, post Easter the silence has been deafening. When they start moving, events move quickly in the world of BREXIT. I originally wrote this post last Monday and no sooner had… Read More

BREXIT – Happy Easter, give us a break

Following the recent rejection of the Withdrawal Bill element of Mrs May’s BREXIT deal (meaningful vote 2.5), talks have been ongoing with Labour to find a way forward. Nothing has come of this so far and one could summise that Mrs May really just needed to go to the EU summit on 10 April with… Read More

BREXIT – The end game is in play

Wednesday 3 April 2019 and the whole BREXIT process has descended into unprecedented chaos in Westminster. After two bouts of indicative votes on BREXIT alternatives, producing twelve NO votes and two and a half failed attempts at getting Mrs May’s deal, or the legal part of it, through the House, the limit seems have been… Read More

BREXIT – delay until the end of May, or is that the end of May?

Friday 22 March and so much has happened in the last week! The speaker blocked meaningful vote 3 on the May deal, invoking a precedent set in 1604. Mrs May went on live television to the British people and blamed MPs in the House for not making a decision. Yesterday was the EU Summit in… Read More

BREXIT – That was the week that was

Friday 15 March and the events in my Geoffrey Cox blog on Monday have unraveled and the Attorney General was not able to provide the necessary assurances to allow Mrs May’s Deal to be passed. With what has happened in the last few days, much now depends on whether the EU will permit an extension…. Read More

BREXIT – Waiting for Geoffrey Cox?

Monday 11 March 2019. Who knows where this week is heading in the world of BREXIT. This week, in theory the  following could happen….. Either today or tomorrow (Tuesday) Geoffrey Cox, the Attorney General (not Geoffrey Cox), will deliver revised legal advice on his interpretation of the Irish Border Backstop. The UK Parliament will have… Read More

BREXIT Going down to the wire

Saturday 16 February 2019, 41 days until BREXIT I am somewhat shocked that the Government’s official advice page for UK businesses on what to do in the event of a no deal BREXIT has not been updated since 6 February. No new advice? Seriously? One can only assume that No Deal isn’t really seen by… Read More

Time for a Twix BREXIT anyone?

It is now the first week of February 2019, with just 53 days until BREXIT on 29 March. In the last two months we have had political turmoil, with votes of no confidence in the Prime Minister and the Government and the biggest ever defeat for a government. Yet a month later, armed only with… Read More