Advisory and strategy planning

Profit, your legacy, an exit route, acquisitions, restructuring, or even survival
Dafferns can help you achieve your goals, implement plans and stay on track.

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“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will (if you are lucky) always get what you’ve always got”
– Dr Chris Mason, Mindshop

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Are you ready to make changes in your business?
Plan for the future and fix your burning issues?

Where are you NOW, WHERE do you want to be and HOW will you get there?
Are you ready to be challenged and be accountable?
Looking for a catalyst for change in your business?

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Martin Gibbs

Growth and Profit Diagnostic

GPS for your business – Complete our diagnostic to identify the top 3 areas for improvement in order to improve your level of Growth and Profit

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Change Success Diagnostic

Discover your potential for change success in under 5 minutes. Beat the odds – research tells us if you adopt a ‘trial and error’ approach to change there is only a 30% chance of success.

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Force Field

Decision Matrix

Dafferns Growth Academy

A quarterly strategic planning workshop for business leaders with Mindshop Online support, coaching and training to help you implement change success in your business

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Dafferns Board View

A Dafferns partner at your side
Challenging you, holding you to account, acting as a catalyst for change, forming and implementing your plans

2020 vision

Third Sector Strategy Groups

We run three consultative forums for the leaders of local charities and not-for-profit organisations. Best practice, technical updates and strategic planning.

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