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General Data Protection Regulation – Charities’ responsibilities and protection

‘Data is the new oil’ is a phrase that has been heard many times in recent years but for some, charities and small businesses in particular, data may feel like more of a burden. In this article we will explore the impact of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on day to day administration of… Read More

Cyber Theft Protection

Online crime, particularly theft, is a growing area of concern for businesses and individuals in this ever-increasing world of dependency on the internet. Whilst financial institutions continue to deploy huge resources to keep their systems and customers safe from criminal networks there will always be opportunities that present themselves to fraudsters. The poorly managed IT… Read More

Trustees Liability – what is it and why is it important?

During the course of our professional careers, and for years after we have retired, many of us will serve some form of committee or board member role for organisations from charities and sports clubs to small and medium sized businesses. Whilst many would not hesitate to accept the honour of being a key contributor to… Read More

The Gender Pay Gap and Employment Practices Liability Insurance

By 4th April 2018 businesses and charities with over 250 employees will be required, under a newly introduced clause of the Equality Act 2010, to have reported details of their gender pay gap to the government. Furthermore, these organisations must also publish their findings and provide a written statement on their own public facing website…. Read More

GDPR – What protection can insurance policies provide to businesses?

On 25th May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will replace the UK Data Protection Act 1998. The new directive will bring enhanced levels of accountability and enforcement around the handling of personal data. The ‘headline’ item among the changes to be brought in will be the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) power to fine… Read More

Crime Insurance vs Fidelity Insurance – the key differences explained

With technological advances and ever-increasing cost of living pressures, financial crime is a fast growing area of concern for business owners of all sizes. Press articles across many industry sectors regularly report where employees, and even company directors, have abused their position of responsibility in handling client and/or own company monies. Furthermore, the external financial… Read More

The rise and rise and rise of Insurance Premium Tax

Spring has sprung and as sure as Summer will follow Spring another Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) increase is on the way. From 1st June 2017, the rate of IPT will see a further 20% increase from the current 10% to 12%. This latest increase is the third within the space of nineteen months, having moved… Read More

The Ogden rate – what is it and how does it influence insurance premiums?

Not many people outside of the legal and insurance sectors will be familiar with the Ogden rate, not least because it hasn’t changed since 2001 and not therefore been worthy of much press attention. We are all aware however of the prevalence of personal injury claims, and their knock on effect to insurance premiums. The… Read More

Contingent Motor Liability – what is it and how does it work?

Personal motor insurance policies, as drivers will be aware, require the policyholder to select categories according to their use of a vehicle in the calculation of premium. A company employee might select categories such as Social, Domestic and Pleasure and Commuting for example. A business executive at the same company, who visits clients as part… Read More

Five top tips for buying Management Liability Insurance

Often referred to as Directors & Officers cover or simply ‘D&O’, the product offering to protect organisations and those responsible for governing them has evolved in recent years to provide a wider breadth of cover for the benefit of policyholders. Enclosed below are five points that should be given consideration when purchasing a new Management… Read More